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NetMind Token

The NetMind Token (NMT) is the multi-utility token at the core of the NetMind ecosystem. It operates as a means of exchange on the NetMind Chain. It is used for rewards, governance, transactions, and staking.

NMT Distribution Plan (in 100 years)
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BSC official address
Ethereum official address
This address is for querying NetMind Token on PancakeSwap or Uniswap, please do not transfer NMT to this address!
NMT Use Cases
For AI Developers
See White Paper
GPU Services
The primary use case of NMT is for renting GPU power on the network. Developers will use NMT to pay for services when training models and running inference.
Gas Fees
Every time a transaction is executed on the platform, the gas fee is paid in NMT.
Voting Rights
Transactions on the NetMind chain are overseen by 21 master nodes to whom users stake tokens. Token holders are free to stake their tokens with any of the master nodes, which impacts how much voting power the nodes possess.
Community Building
The platform's decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) has earmarked 20% of the total NMT supply for community development. These funds are allocated based on proposals the community votes for, ensuring that the platform evolves in line with user needs.
For AI Developers
See White Paper
How To Get NMT?
See White Paper
Contributing Computing Resources
Users can provide computational power and resources to NetMind to earn NMT rewards through volunteer computing. The daily NMT rewards are distributed by the treasury based on supply-demand mechanics and the amount of computational power provided by the volunteer.
Users can join the NetMind Chain network as node operators to receive NMT in return for verifying transactions, and earn a percentage of the gas fees generated by the usage of training models on the platform.
NMT tokens can be earned by staking NMT on any of the 21 master nodes. The staking reward parameters will be released following the token launch.
NMT Trading
Once the NMT token is listed on CEXs and DEXs, users will be able to trade their tokens and earn rewards by acting as liquidity providers on compatible platforms.
See White Paper